Whats been Happening........

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Whats been Happening........

Post  Lee606 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:08 pm

Welcome back to T.N.B cheers

Just a brief update as to whats been going on,As you may have seen we've lost the old forum and this one is set up as a permenant replacment.
Thanks to Ryano,Crewie,Scott for helping out & running meets at the end of last year

Meetings are happening every week again through until the end of march,Thats when the 2010 season will start properly.

Everyones welcome to join in unless you have been permantly banned in the past,

The DP team is still the same (as far as i know) lol

Check the updates page,You must use the correct mod to race TNB,Excessive cheat messages will not be tolerated,

NOTE.... The TNT or any other mod is NO good as a lot of the car files have changed/Improved/made stronger etc So it benefits you to use the correct mod !!!
you will also get cheat messages!

Lets have a good 2010! jocolor
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