London Open and WQR 1

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London Open and WQR 1

Post  Lee606 on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:11 am

The DP team has decided on.....

817 - 2 weeks ban for language at london open

99 - 4 week ban for 2 infields at london open

614 warning for cheat messages at wqr1 - You had 5 cheat messages in 3 races (2-Restarts) Make sure your using the correct mod and have the correct updates and car files,

275 warning for oppo on straights at Teams Rd1 - We had a complaint and looked into it,The first you have been given the benefit of the doubt on as we believe you were trying to turn it around in the correct direction,The second was smack bang on the line with the tyres which start the bend at Old Skool,So a warning is issued in the intrest of fairness,
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