31/10/13 Bilge Bashing - AlderNewV1

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31/10/13 Bilge Bashing - AlderNewV1

Post  Lee606 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:31 am

31/10/13 Bilge Bashing - AlderNewV1

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! What a brutal epic meeting.the cars were awesome,the hits were off the scale and every race was fucking savage,This meeting had it all,It pissed all over the 96 car TNB Icebreaker years back,This was easily the meeting of the year & a contender for the best online banger meeting of all time! If you missed it then you missed something awesome!

Ummmm,Ok now for the truth...12 cars Laughing But by running a non pointer (to keep the meetings even) the week after the unlimited world final it was always going to be a quite one.Thanks to nascarheatfinder.net for hosting Laughing 
As numbers were so low,everyone that raced can have 10 bonus national points as a thanks for supporting the meeting.

Thanks to those who raced and pressed on,Meeting highlights were Dalags & Snakey running the gauntlet with everyone after them,As it was Halloween,some cars were painted up in the spirit and we all thought Snakies hippy van was full of treats which lead to him becoming known as the Piñata Laughing Laughing Laughing as we all tried to smash the treats out of him Laughing 

No final took place as the meeting was basically a good smash up with what we had available.

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Re: 31/10/13 Bilge Bashing - AlderNewV1

Post  Snakerider713 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:40 am

to be honest, it was being a very good meeting due to we all where there just to have fun, certainly one of the meetings that gave me the biggest smile on my face!

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