New-skool - Unlimited - Bellevue

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New-skool - Unlimited - Bellevue

Post  Lee606 on Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:38 am

Usual Rules Apply,

Heats - non points
Final national points

All heats are GOG
Final will be CLUTCH START

Oppo to bends ONLY,
No infielding whatsoever! rejoin without blatently taking someone out.
If it is a blatent infield you'll be loaded.

Any fucking about and you'll get the boot.make sure you understand the basic rules.
Smithy226 is now officially a TNB DP.If he tells you to do one,do it! Laughing
But hes doing something else again tonight! Razz

Pack >>> download/9hh3b2d5vbgmm83/TNB+Newskool+BV+2014.exe

If someone can upload to google drive that would be handy,cheers!

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