WQR 3 - 29/07/2010

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WQR 3 - 29/07/2010

Post  Ryano on Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:39 pm

Jaboy - 2 weeks for swearing (transpires he only did it once (Aug 19th return)
Timmy76 - 4 weeks for oppo up straight (Sept 2nd return)
dalags177 - Pinning,Attacking from infield - 4 weeks + warning for talking in race (Sept 2nd return)
Chucky99- warning for talking in race
Joey160 - warning for talking in race
Kane988 - 2 weeks ban for swearing (Aug 19 Return)

Just to clarify, I had no say in what bans were given, was the DP Team, of which I am not a part of seeing as we took on quite a few to do this job. Any complaints,appeals etc, contact me (dont jump down my throat or I'll ignore you) and I'll forward the complaint onto them.
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