Pre 70's Final ban appeal decisions.

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Pre 70's Final ban appeal decisions.

Post  Crewie#34 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:31 pm

The DP team recieved appeals from the following drivers:
& 901
against bans awarded to them following the TNB 2010 Pre 70's Final meeting.

After much debate within the DP team members, the following conclusions where made regarding the above drivers appeal.

199 - ban awarded for this meeting stands.

740 - ban awarded for this meeting stands.

817 - ban awarded for this meeting stands.

901 - ban awarded at this meeting over ruled.

For your information, at TNB,

swearing is NOT tolerated.
Abuse aimed at other members is NOT tolerated.
Leaving MSN and MIRC Chat* switched on is NOT permitted whilst racing - we will be checking this regularly in meetings.
Talking during races ( typing on screen ) is NOT permitted unless it is the host or DP/Admin member in that race making an announcement/calling places/advising of a re-start ( not after 3 laps have taken place). You will not ask for help off tyres/moan at someone/etc etc whilst the race is taking part.

* only exceptions to this rule are the RM/designated DP member for the race evening

Can we please ask that ALL drivers re-read the TNB rules just to make perfectly clear what and what is not allowed. If you have any questions regarding these plaese ask!
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