Warton WQR 4

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Warton WQR 4

Post  Crewie#34 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:19 am

#205 - Talking during race, abusing admins + swearing on forum - 12 weeks ban - may return to racing in February.

#279 - pinning - 2 week ban ( offence from previous meeting, offence reported within the same week, decision could not be reached until a replay was sourced, hence the timescale in the decision being made.)
Official warning regarding connection and slow running pc issues causing false starts/numerous restarts and visibility problems.
May return to racing upon the 28-10-10

#321 - Official warning regarding swearing. 2 weeks suspended ban may race during suspended period, should any further offences happen during that period then the 2 weeks will be added to any further penalties.

#720 - Talking during race - 2 weeks ban - may return to racing on 28/10/10

#817 - Reported for pinning - following numerous veiws of the replay ( from several DP members) it was decided that 817 had in fact NOT been guilty of pinning, the person reporting the offence clearly had room to steer away from or reverse out of the situation - No action to be taken..

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