Teams round 4

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Teams round 4

Post  Crewie#34 on Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:14 pm

151- Official Warning regarding use of the infield.

After several hours of the DP team ripping shreads out of each other over this one, it was decided that Dode should recieve an Official Warning over his use of the infield at the Teams meeting.
Earlier in the very same race he rejoined the track ASAP, but on the last lap, he was knocked onto the infield, whereby he chose to drive the length of the track and then rejoined at the bend, rather than steer himself straight back onto the track at the point where he was originaly pushed on.
In his defence, if 151 had steered straight back onto the track, he would have hit the car that pushed him over the logs and there could have been the possibility of an attacking off the infield claim being aimed at him.

It was decided that as there was no advantage gained by the 151 car, the out-come of the race was not changed and no other driver/car/team was disadvantaged by his driving, then an official warning would be suffice.

483 - Official warning re driving on oppo on straight.
Driver made no attempt to hit any other car and corrected himself straight after without changing the outcome of the race/affecting any other drivers - Official warning as first offence.
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