2010 World Final Meeting

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2010 World Final Meeting

Post  Crewie#34 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:28 am

Current list of bans/DP action regarding the 2010 World Final.

Be warned, this post will be updated as theres more to come.

Cant you A.Holes behave yourselves?

78 Chucky - swearing in race - 2 weeks ban ( its his 2nd swearing offence so its doubled) 4 weeks ban.
Cheat message - Official warning.
Not leaving chat during races - warning as 1st offence.
#78 Banned for 4 weeks. May return on the 2nd of December 2010

182 ( who ever he is) - not leaving chat during races - Official Warning.
Not registering in the drivers list, not registering on the forum and not booking in for the meeting - 12 month ban.
#182 Banned for 12 months. May return to racing ( should he bother registering anyway) on the 3rd November 2011

279 Teaboy - Posting Lukeyboys message in chat - Official Warning.
Not leaving chat during races - Official Warning.

348 Boss - attacking off the shale in W/F - 2 weeks ban
Infielding in the allcomers - 2 week ban ( now his 3rd offence so trebbled ) - 12 week ban.
#348 Banned for 12 weeks, may return to racing on 20th January 2011

730 Freejohn - attacking off shale in WF race - 1st ever offence so an Official Warning given.

739 Jaboy - cheat messages - Official Warning.
Giving out the server password in chat - 4 weeks ban.
#739 Banned for 4 weeks, may return to racing on the 2nd December 2010

763 Deano - 4 counts of attacking off the shale ( 2 weeks per offence )
As it is his first logged offence he gets an Official Warning for one of the counts - 6 week ban with two weeks suspended ban.
#763 Banned for six weeks, may return to racing on the 16th of December 2010

817 Stig - cheat messages - Official Warning.
Leaning in LQ race = NO REPLAY so no course of action.
Not leaving chat during races - Final Warning!

988 Kane - Not leaving chat during races - Official Warning.

( no number ) Lukeyboy. Swearing in chat - 2 weeks ban.
Not registering on the forum, not registering an account, not booking in to race - 12 month ban
Lukeyboy Banned for 12 months, may return to racing ( if he can be bothered to register first) on the 3rd of November 2011.
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