Dode151 - Life Ban

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Dode151 - Life Ban

Post  Lee606 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:42 pm

As of this instant the Life ban that 151 was serving is now currently back in force for his actions over the past few weeks,After serving approx 2 years of his life ban (for continious driving offences,Not modding) he was allowed back,I personally made the decision to allow him back,He was asking for months to be allowed back,I didnt have time to start a thread and wait 2 days for every DP to have an answer on the subject,It was a decision i made as Admin for the benefit of the league that night for which i take full responsibility,It had been a while since he had raced and i believed he deserved a second chance.
As you can see below the following offences were committed within 8 weeks of returning from a life ban.

One official Warning of use of the infield following Teams 4..... 6 weeks after being back from a life ban,

3 counts of infielding & then 2 counts of attacking from the infield at the World Final..... 8 weeks after being back from the life ban,

Dode151 wrote:its alright boss, there trying to ban me for afters by saying it was the allcomers!
As seen pubically in the Anything Else thread ^

When i joined the meeting for the 3rd heat i was told then about 151 infielding,Ive never once assumed it was allcomers because i knew different.
If you watch that replay of 151 infielding,Its a 13 lap race,Not a 25 lap allcomers/afters wreck up,
Also the result is somehow the the exact same as Heat 2,wow what are the chances of that?

Heat 1: 760,730,321,763,297,740,483,248,122,111
Heat 2: 260,27,348,325,434,817,34,109,151,121

Heat 3: 763,988,248,325,125,111,122,78,297,348
Heat 4: 760,740,109,260,321,27,434,730,257,34

Heat 5: 606,348,763,817,730,111,434,321,125,297
Heat 6: 27,988,109,78,190,325,151,248,34,483

LCQ: 125,78,483,151,740,122,154,34,817,279

Which shows 151 is quite happy to tell lies on the forum!

For the record i attempted to blackmail him tonight as someone in the DP team has been leaking info to him,to which he openly admits,and he has mentioned to me on a couple of occassions.
Ive got nothing to hide and was sure of my motives before i began hence me admitting this openly on the forum so ill leave it at that,

151s account will be deleted shortly to allow him time to read this.
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