TNB Crashmania 2007

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TNB Crashmania 2007

Post  Toward27 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:24 pm

Possibly my first ever meeting on TNB? Though i've a feeling i had maybe done one or two before which i've not got recorded? Not a lot of info bar the results and you'll have had to have been racing back then to know whos who etc but may be worth a look for the long serving members. Will continue to look for more meetings where i have full results, though most are just my own sadly.

Results & Points

SB - Sixbolt
PS - Proper Smashed
Lev - Levellers
SSS - Surrey Street Squad
TeamB- Team V "B"
Bli - Blitz
TeamC - Team V "C"
SS - Scrapyard Screamers
TeamA - Team V "A"
Cow - Cowboys
Run - Midnight Runners
Lad - The Lads
Bon - Bong Gang

Round 1
SB536 PS100 PS365 SB500
LEV117 LEV555 SSS77 SSS760
TSB360 TSB139 TSB205 TEAMB276
BLI208 BLI297 BLI87 TEAMC234
SS384 SS675 SS763 TEAMA259
COW681 LAD999 COW102 LAD424

Round 2
SSS464 SB536 SSS77 SB256
LEv117 LEV555 TEAMB78 LEV16
LAD424 PS100 LAD421 LAD999
SS384 SS675 SS763 PLO34
RUn32 TSB360 RUN281 TSB139
COW103 COW681 BON255 COW101

Round 3
SIX536 SIX277 SIX295 TEAMA259
LEv117 LEV16 PLO34 LEv400
PS100 BON255 PS365 BON27
LAD424 TEAMC234 LAD421 LAD999
BLI87 RUN32 RUN10 BLI208
SS676 SS675 TEAMB276 TEAMB225
TSB360 TSB139 COW103 COW681

Round 4
SIX256 SIX536 SIX295 PLO34
LEv16 LEv117 LEV555 TEAMC234
COW681 BLI87 BLI208 COW103
SS675 SS763 PS100 PS365
SSS77 TSB139 SSS464 TSB205
RUn10 RUN281 BON27 RUN32

Round 5
RUN125 PLO34 RUN32 RUN10

Crashmania Final LEV117 SS384 SS675 LEV555
Consolation Final - TSB360 TSB139 RUN10 PLO34

Team Name Points
Levellers 42
Scrapyard Screamers 42
Sixbolt 27
Team Blitz 26
Midnight Runners 28
Stinkbridge 31
The Lads 24
Cowboys 22
Proper Smashed 17
Surrey Street Squad 17
Bong Gang 15
Teamv "A" 12
Teamv "B" 10
Teamv "C" 9
Plonk 8

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Re: TNB Crashmania 2007

Post  Ryano on Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:08 am

Think this was the meeting where 'we' (SSS me,Lee77,Cal317 and someone) turned up in a fleet of A60 Hearses/Vans and stuff! Had a proper train at one point possibly with the sixbolt guys.
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