Winter Series 2012 - BelleVue (Hyde Road) Old Skool Teams of 3. 26/01/12

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Winter Series 2012 - BelleVue (Hyde Road) Old Skool Teams of 3. 26/01/12

Post  Lee606 on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:18 am

Winter Series 2012 - BelleVue (Hyde Road) Old Skool Teams of 3. 26/01/12


Its the winter season,Rules are relaxed so dont act like a pillock and spoil it for the rest of us or you will get thrown out.Just have fun,dont get serious,take it and give it with a smile Smile This has the potential to be a stonking meeting!

Usual rules apply.Bad language or blatent oppo on straights and attacks off the Infield will result in a load up,you have been warned.
The infield ... (thats ANYTHING inside the kerbs) and grass are out of bounds unless parking up.

BelleVueOldSkool link to track is in downloads section
Start time 8pm...

No cheat messages or warping or you will be leaving,Make sure your using the TNB mod please.

Format..... NON POINTS
Heats... As many as possible! Go on Green,13 Laps - NON POINTS - GET CRASHING!
Semis,top 2 teams from each server to qualify for the A Final & so on
Final - 25 Laps,Clutch
Allcomers 25 Laps Go on Green

Ill only be calling one number from each team so for example if you see
thats Hired killers,Goodies,Blooz,Showers & FarmA going to that server so pay attention,same numbers will be used all night.

So only being in the top however many in the semis will get you in the A Final.Not your overall points total in the you have no reason to rod heats,get stuck in!

Pack >>> ?eyr9ysrydea1582

448 is in condoms & invaders
523 is in Showers & united
297 is in invaders & goodies
so make your decisions

304 & 555 both sent in Mk2s in colours not related to any team so for that reason they havnt been included,

If you have a problem or need help or advice,Speak to Dean763,Hardcore54 or Jay297 tonight,Not me,Ill be too busy and youll be ignored ok (no offence lol)
You need to save your replay if you have a problem.

PS....If anyone asks for a pack link,please link them to this thread,It saves me & others answering daft questions when the answers are already here,Ta

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