Winter Series 2012 - Teams of 5 - BristolRX. 1/3/12

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Winter Series 2012 - Teams of 5 - BristolRX. 1/3/12

Post  Lee606 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:35 am

Winter Series 2012 - Teams of 5 - BristolRX. 1/3/12

Its the winter season,Rules are relaxed so dont act like a pillock and spoil it for the rest of us or you will get thrown out.Just have fun,dont get serious,take it and give it with a smile Smile This has the potential to be a stonking meeting! So knock the swearing off!
Meeting,Track & Cars chosen by most people in allcomers last week! Very Happy

Usual rules apply.Bad language or blatent oppo on straights and attacks off the Infield will result in a load up,you have been warned.
The infield ... (thats ANYTHING on the Grass) is out of bounds unless parking up.

Read Carefully,Stinkbridge didnt manage 3 full teams (you were 6 cars short! so they have been put into 2 full teams.
at the time of making the pack the only team short was TSB A so theres a 760 car (mk4) in the colours so as it stands we have 8 full teams now for tonight,Ryan i didnt put your mk3 in because rules stated it must be a different mark of cortina per team member and yours was like a cross between 3 teams colours!
Boogiemen only managed 2 cars,both mk3 cortinas! booking in stated only full teams would be accepted,sorry should have tried to get a team together,People were asking for teams on the forum.

Bristol-UK RX
Start time 8pm...

No cheat messages or warping or you will be leaving,Make sure your using the TNB mod please.

Format..... NON POINTS
Heats... As many as possible! Go on Green,13 Laps - NON POINTS - GET CRASHING!
Semis,top 2 from each server to qualify for the A Final
Final - 25 Laps,Clutch - 4 Teams
B Final
Allcomers 25 Laps Go on Green

So only being in the top 2 in the semis will get you in the A Final.Not your overall points total in the you have no reason to rod heats,get stuck in your series 3 rod-mobiles!

Pack >>> ?17z31ui7cyj23l7

You need to save your replay if you have a problem.

PS....If anyone asks for a pack link,please link them to this thread,It saves me & others answering daft questions when the answers are already here,Ta

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Re: Winter Series 2012 - Teams of 5 - BristolRX. 1/3/12

Post  Snakerider713 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:12 pm

Won't be racing tonight anymore, got some virus that required to be sorted out (as it blocked my laptop). Should have sorted it now hopefully buy not the time anymore to get racing. Crying or Very sad

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