TNB Memorial Meeting 2009

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TNB Memorial Meeting 2009

Post  Toward27 on Thu May 03, 2012 5:42 pm

The first of the memorial meetings I did, the first time I ever enjoyed RX tracks and one of the best ever meetings I've ever done ever! Loved it so much I went on to give X tracks a go afterall and I'm still racing today. Sadly the only pictures I saved from the meeting were rather vainly of myself but others are of course included in them. If there's one meeting to make sure 100% you do on TNB all year its always the memorial meeting for me, of the 3 I've done I've never failed to enjoy them and I don't ever recall any bad feeling/atmosphere by anyone at any of them - its all heavy wrecking in the fun way that its intended. Probably not long enough ago to be classed as retro but the forum starts at 2010 so technically it is a gone but not forgotten meeting.

Still another 30 odd to go up plus a video of the meeting by Lee606 but as its late I'll retire there.

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