Old Skool 1 - Crewe & Sheffield Old Skool - 05/07/2012

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Old Skool 1 - Crewe & Sheffield Old Skool - 05/07/2012

Post  Lee606 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:48 am

Old Skool Rd 1 - Crewe & Sheffield Old Skool - 05/07/2012
Non Points meeting,Usual rules apply.

Meeting - CreweOldSkool & SheffieldOldSkool (See download in booking in section)
Bad language or blatent oppo on straights or Infields will result in a load up,you have been warned,
The infield is out of bounds unless parking up.

No cheat messages or warping or you will be leaving,Make sure your using the Online Banger mod please & you have Update 1 Installed.

Treat all Heats as wreck ups - Get stuck in!
Format - All non points
Heats... As many as possible! Go on Green,13 Laps
1 -3 CreweOldSkool
4 - 6 SheffieldOldSkool
+ more if you dont piss about!

Final - 25 Laps,Clutch,
Allcomers - 25 Laps Go on Green

Pack >>> mediafire.com ?axi6s891uh8zcoi

If you have a problem or need help or advice,Speak to Admin tonight,
You need to save your replay if you have a problem.

PS....If anyone asks for a pack link,please link them to this thread,It saves me & others answering daft questions when the answers are already here,Ta

Start time 8pm.

The Rules >>> http://thursdaynightbangers.findtalk.biz/information-f2/tnb-basic-rules-2010-t64.htm#487

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