Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

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Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

Post  Ryano on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:30 pm

Heat 1: Az523, Az330, TDB208, B219, T354
Heat 2: C757, E108, Ch55, C390, E369
Heat 3: R76, BB998, VD473, BB713, BB127

Heat 4: Az330, Ev321, C400, BB127, Az409
Heat 5: VD228, TDB208, B82, R740, T763

Heat 6: C390, E108, R200, C757, C182
Heat 7: T765, BS326, B110, BB127, BB998
Heat 8: Az523 Az330, Az409, VD228, TDB212

Heat 9: VD54, C390, TDB478, TDB208, C400
Heat 10: E321, BB127, BB713, E108, E267
Heat 11: Az523, Az409, B82, B110, T763

Heat 12: B110, BB127, VD228, B82, BB998
Heat 13: E321, R200, E297, C390, R76
Heat 14: Az523, TDB208, Az885, T763, TDB226

A Final: E267, Az523, E321, BB998, Az330
B Final: TDB212, B110, T763, T765, B769

Allcomers 1:
Allcomers 2: 228

(Az) Aztec - 52
(E) Evo, - 44
(BB) Blooz - 28
(C) Condoms - 28
(B) Bartons - 25
TDB - 23
VD's - 18
(R) Rabbits - 15
(T) Trouble - 14
(BS) Black n Silver - 4
(Ch) Chutney - 3

Well done to Evolution on winning Final and Aztec on top scoring, not a bad meeting!
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Re: Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

Post  Ginge717 on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:21 pm

I make it 54 for team aztec mate? that is if the final points are 10,8,6,4,2 might be wrong

Was a good meeting tonight though, with xtx delayed at work i took it upon myself to block, going by the amount of scores and people saying i was doing well i was pleased with myself for choosing to do something that i wouldnt of usually opted for. The crashing was also good in the alcomers

Dont know why bumble was getting a cheat mesage, and as he was in a normal car, so must of been a track or car file change issue? Even so, it wasnt sorted and nothing was done about it

But wihtout letting that effect the meeting, i enjoyed being done down the straight and infielded by a dp in the 1st alcomers where i got banned for doing the same a few months or so ago, ah well hopefully its resolved fairly but people were saying in the lobby it was anythig goes even in the 1st alcomers, but ive been told before its 1 alcomers normal rules then anything goes. Ah well, revenge is sweet. Laughing

Good meeting, well done to evo and Danny for winning the final, and for us for top scoring,

cheers for ernie and menace racing for us and performing well, also to hc/jay/deano for hosting the servers and ryano for doing the points. Good meeting in most parts tonight hopefully more of the same will follow for the remainder of the season.

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Re: Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

Post  South#108 on Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:24 am

cheers for the meet chaps, all staff :-) cheers jay/hc/ernie for servers

wd aztec on top points and evo/danny on final, cheers danny/jay/haadee and jools for racing,

Was a pretty decent meeting, surprised with the volvo dint lose a wheel allngt and only heat in allcomers, As i said last ginge, their shouldn't be any cheat messages, not saying its bumbles fault, looks like somethink was wrong somewhere and prob should of been sorted, I was in the allcomers, and not once did i see anyone say "anything goes", we were all saying that your allowed to oppo up the straight???? if you got infielded in the leagues allcomers, then send it in to a dp with reply/screenshots etc.
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Re: Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

Post  Toward27 on Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:56 am

Timmy's game sometimes causes cheat messages as he has updated car files in his mod ready for the next update. So, if Bumble was using one of those cars which Timmy has updated then Bumble would be getting the cheat message when he was in the same race as Timmy. I couldn't say for sure that that is the case as I can't remember facing Bumble all night so can't remember what car he used but from many similar occurances on other leagues recently I'd imagine that is what has happened?

Being as I only got to thank half the people I should last night, thanks to Jay, HC, Ernie and Ryan for the meeting and also to HC for having me again.

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Re: Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

Post  DannyG267 on Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:37 am

Started off shocking at the start with setty being rather poo and my Internet playing up! Although managed to get some decent places in the last 2 heats, and then going on to winning final Smile enjoyed it, wasn't badly run at all! Fair play Ryano; cheers south for letting me race.

Well done Aztec for top scoring.

Cheers Ryano/jay/hc/snakie ect ect

Oh, I won out all comers! Cheers

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Re: Teams Round 4 - Standlake - 15/11/2012

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